The subject site is located to the north of 108th Avenue and the west of 132A Street, situated at the north west corner at the intersection of these two streets, with an alley to the east. The project will be a 6-storey, wood frame residential buildings set atop two levels of concrete underground parking structure.  The proposed building consists of 80 residential suites

Exterior material palate of proposed building has been carefully chosen to express our modern interpretation of west coast architecture.  Major emphasis is placed on the efficient and strategic use of cedar wood elements, a readily available BC wood product.  For durability and creating a sense of anchorage, masonry cladding is used for the featured columns.  The texture of split-faced stone not only gives a sense of nature’s permanence but also creates a contrasting effect to the softer wood surfaces.

Multi-storey stone columns give a sense of welcoming and tie multiple levels together at the building scale. In addition, shadow lines created by charcoal wood fascial and wood trims provide a finer layer of detailing which is complementary to the softer wood elements. Charcoal wood fascial also highlights penetrations providing a nice relief to the generally warm coloured façade.  Furthermore, cedar wood is applied to the large overhang projections which give a sense of warmth and welcoming.