The Orchard Grove Mixed Use, Commercial and Residential designation site is located at the Southwest corner of the neighborhood area at 168 Street and 24 Avenue, Surrey.

The proposed mixed-use development consists of two low rise buildings and a below grade parking structure.  Building A (Phase 1) is a five-storey structure which fronts both 24th Avenue and 168th Street, has Commercial Rental Units (CRU), and a four-storey of Residential Units above.  Building B (Phase 2) is a four-storey residential apartment which is located to the west of the property. A future park is located to its west. The parking structure, located throughout the entire site, is one and half floors below grade and consists of approximately 250 parking spots.

The proposed mixed-use development achieves urban planning requirements in both OCP and NCP aspects.  It renders a strong and vivid architectural identity, with street-oriented character because of both CRU located along both 24th Avenue and 168th Street.  Dwelling units at upper levels also face both public streets to enhance the sense of community.

The unique south-facing corner site of the neighbourhood plaza, which is bound by 168th Street and 24th Avenue, invites residents and visitor to frequent retail activities, such as cafes and shops.  In addition, this plaza will be a place of access and gatherings, in part due to its appealing landscape features and strong corner treatment.